Security Proclamation complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

It implies that you have the right to see how we handle our visitors’ personal information.

On, we have gathered:

last name and first name the address of your email where you actually live a phone number where I can reach you
When you visit the store, information about your device and browser is collected.
The path you take through the store
We need your contact information so that we can manage and accept your orders and make sure you get your stuff.

We can improve the quality of your shopping and tailor our services to your specific needs by collecting data about your browsing and computer usage (for example, to automatically switch the store to the mobile version.)

Our company works with other companies to provide you with better service, and these partners may use some of the information you leave behind. We ensure that employees only have access to the information they need to perform their jobs.

Payment processing uses your name, last name, and credit card information to verify your identity and complete your order.
Based on your specifications, our warehousing and manufacturing team will put together the appropriate package for you.
The postal service uses your first name, last name, and street address to deliver your package to the correct location.
Bulk mailing services require email addresses (if you have subscribed for them) in order to contact you. By continuing to shop at our online store after reading this privacy statement, you consent to the collection and use of information about you in the ways described above.

If you disagree with any of these terms, please exit this website immediately.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please email us at [email protected].

a request for a copy of the personal information we have collected about you.
Please click here if you want us to remove your personal information from our database.
While we will do everything possible to keep your personal information safe while it is being stored and used, you can always ask us to remove your data if you change your mind about giving it to us.

Many thanks for your assistance!