Can you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally. Upon checkout, additional shipping fees will be applied. Each order costs $6.

How much will customs tariffs, taxes, and other international costs cost me?
-Customers from nations other than US could have to pay more depending on the import laws in those nations.

beat-crazy is unable to change this, thus we must tell customs officers precisely what is contained in the parcels and their worth.
-To avoid any unpleasant surprises when they get their box, customers outside of US should become informed with their country’s import laws before to making an order with us.

If you, the client, decline an imported commodity because you cannot or are not prepared to pay the expenses connected with it, no refunds will be given. When we receive the returned item, we will deduct the original shipping expenses and return shipping charges from your refund (in the event that the item has already been billed to our account. I).

If the goods is kept for an extended period of time at customs or during transportation, we might need to charge you a restocking fee.


What should I do if my order is still on the way?
A tracking number will be provided to you once your item has been finished and shipped. You will get a delivery confirmation email 3–5 business days after placing your purchase. If you did not receive this email, e-mail us at [email protected].

You must monitor the progress of your goods’ deliveries. Any packages lost in transit won’t be replaced by beat-crazy. The mail carrier can leave the item at the front door if no one is present to sign for it when they arrive. We are no longer liable for your goods after the postal courier has delivered it. We are unable to offer exchanges or refunds once an item has been acknowledged as “delivered” by the postal service. ****

If there is a problem with the arrival of your package or with the supplied tracking number, kindly get in touch with UPS or USPS right once.
UPS: 1 (800) 742-5877
Please call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-800-275-8777) to reach USPS.

How far can I change an order that has already been placed?

Order modifications must be sent right away through phone at +1 347 258 4257 or email at [email protected].

There is typically very little time for adjustments to be made because we work hard to fulfill orders as quickly as we can.
We cannot fulfill every request to amend or cancel purchases due to our quick processing times. The sooner you make your request, the more likely it is that we can comply with it.

Why hasn’t my order been processed or sent yet?
-On business days, which are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, we exclusively mail out orders. If you make a purchase over the weekend or after business hours on a Friday, it won’t be processed until the following Monday.

You might not have gotten a shipping confirmation email even if your product has already been shipped because you used a different email address when making your purchase. A confirmation email is sent to the same address once each purchase is made. As a result, you won’t receive an email confirming shipment if you didn’t receive an email confirming your order.

The substantial delay in fulfillment may have been caused by one or more of the items in your order being out of stock, although this is rare. Customers wouldn’t even need to order items that aren’t in stock in a perfect world, but accidents can happen. In this case, we will get in touch with you as soon as we can to let you know about the delay or to make arrangements for the quick dispatch of any items that are already ready to ship.

It claims that my purchase has already been delivered when I visit the tracking system, but it hasn’t.
You can use the following checklist to assist you solve the issue:

Opening the email that verifies shipment will allow you to confirm that the correct postal address was utilized.
-By looking at the tracking page, you may determine if the item was left with a front desk clerk, a parcel locker, or a mailbox.
-Ask the neighbors who are right next to you whether they have gotten any mail that was addressed to you.

Give it a couple of days. When an item hasn’t really been delivered, postal workers will occasionally mark it as delivered.

travel to the post office. Give them the tracking number for the shipment, explain why you haven’t gotten it, and enquire about its location.

If you have looked in all of the aforementioned places and are still unable to locate the item, kindly contact us so that we may submit a lost claim with the delivery service.

You must keep an eye on the progress of your goods’ deliveries. beat-crazy won’t replace any packages that disappear while being transported. When a postal courier visits, if no one is home, they may leave the package at the front door. We are no longer liable for your items after the postal courier has delivered them. We are unable to give customers a new item or a refund once a transaction has been acknowledged as “delivered” by the postal service. ****

If you have any questions, please contact

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